Event floor


New floor solution for trade shows and booth floor, reusable clip-on tiles with different design. Enhance your stand and your business with a SWISSTRAX event floor. Quick and easy installation (DIY).


SWISSTRAX flooring solution for stand and trade shows are catch eyes, the checkered effect of the Ribtrax model tiles will not leave visitors indifferent. Use the different colors of tiles available to attract the curiosity of your customers. Too often professionals use carpets exhibition in dull and unattractive colors. A trade show is an investment and you must attract the maximum number of visitors to your stand, start by attracting their attention with the SWISSTRAX event flooring.


20 tiles colors available, 6 tiles model, adapt the colors to those of your company. Mix the colors to create dedicated areas, for example, exhibition areas, reception areas, vip area…You can also install different models of tiles together because all SWISSTRAX tiles are compatible with each other. Do you need to integrate your logo on your floor? Great ! Use our Graphictrax tiles for a maximum customization. The logos are removable, washable and adjustable, very convenient if you need to change your logo according to the exhibition.


The SWISSTRAX event flooring are available in 6 tiles models. Vinyltrax tiles for a wood grain design. Ribtrax tiles open profil design for a sporty design … Marbletrax tiles for a marble floor effect…Carbontrax for a carbon fiber flooring design. You can combined different tiles version during your installation to create different design…Mix and match colors ! Check this new concept of event flooring. Discover the complete collection of tiles : The Products

An event floor virtually indestructible

The tiles are very solid, rollover resistance of 25T / Sqm. SWISSTRAX product range is non-slip and resistant to hydrocarbons and various aggressive liquids (brake fluid, battery acids, etc.). The tiles weigh individually 630Gr to 1100Gr depending on the tiles model, confortable solution during your floor installation. These tiles are made in polypropylene 100% virgin, an affordable and durable solution. Outdoor and indoor use.


The tiles are packaged in boxes of 17 to 25 pieces depending on the floor tiles. For Ribtrax tiles for example (open profile structure) the box of 25 pieces represents 4Sqm. You can store them in the original boxes but also directly on a wood pallet because each tile measures 40x40cm. Very convenient to transport its directly on a wood pallet with measurement 80×120. You can store your floor tiles by 6 pieces at a time on your pallet (6 clipped pieces = 1Sqm). Disassembly is very easy, just unclip your tiles and put them away.


Have you already calculated your expenses in event flooring such as carpet exibithion flooring ? The cost is certainly massive and the worst is that all these exhibition carpets end up in recycling centers. By using the SWISSTRAX solution, use your floor tiles at each exhibition ! An immediate saving on your budget … And a booth design much more attractive than a piece of carpet.


Let us know the dimensions of your exhibition booth and the tiles models you are looking for. Our specialists calculate the number of floor tiles needed, fast and optimized quote. Do you still have the same stand dimensions? Great, SWISSTRAX tiles are modular, order a few more Sqm to adapt your floor to each exhibition ! All the SWISSTRAX flooring are available in stock. Contact us ! Transit time in Europe are fast and tracked.