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With more than 20 years of experience, SWISSTRAX manufactures modular polypropylene floor tiles that have become the must-have choice for industrial, commercial and even private flooring. As a world leader in this field, we are proud to provide sustainable and reliable solutions for different types of installations, such as hangar floor.

The aerospace industry benefits greatly from our products. Hangars, where aircraft are stored and maintained, require specialized flooring that can withstand heavy loads, heavy traffic and frequent spills.


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An aircraft hangar floor is faced with several challenges that make traditional flooring options often unsuitable.

First, the ground must support the weight of large aircraft without cracking or sinking.

The coating must also be resistant to chemicals commonly used in aircraft maintenance such as fuel, oil and hydraulic fluids.

In addition, hangar floors must provide adequate drainage to prevent water accumulation that can damage both the ground and aircraft.

It has to be installed quickly to allow more time to fly than to renovate the hangar. The same goes for maintenance: easy cleaning saves you time every day.


There are several types of flooring options available for hangars, including concrete, epoxy coatings and painted surfaces. Although each option has its advantages, none can match the advantages offered by the modular SWISSTRAX polypropylene floor tiles.

Concrete floors may seem like a good option because of their durability, but they are prone to cracks that can get worse over time under heavy loads. Epoxy coatings offer some resistance to chemicals but require frequent reapplication, which can be costly and time consuming. Painted surfaces are not durable enough to withstand wear caused by aircraft movement.


The SWISSTRAX polypropylene floor tiles offer many advantages that make them ideal for hangars:

High load capacity: our tiles can support up to 25 tons per square meter, making them suitable for even the heaviest aircraft. On rolling the weight supported is 32 tons/m²

Chemical resistance: Our tiles are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including oils such as Skydroll. This reduces the risk of damage to floor and aircraft.

In addition, polypropylene is a material that does not mark, especially as regards tyre tracks.

Easy installation: our tiles can be installed quickly and easily without the need for special tools or equipment. This means less downtime and disruption of hangar operations.

A customizable design: our tiles are available in about twenty colors. Create various spaces, traffic paths or parking guides that will facilitate the daily use of your hangar. SWISSTRAX tiles are the ideal combination of design and practicality.

Easy maintenance: SWISSTRAX hangar tiles require minimal maintenance because they are easy to clean. Even with Professional washer, water jet or Karcher, their draining structure prevents water from stagnating and promotes evaporation. A common cleaning product is sufficient for cleaning. The tiles can be disassembled individually. This allows you to clean a single tile or the floor below.


We manufacture our products in France at 100%. Our factory in Hauts-de-France (59) is ISO9001 certified. A warranty of undeniable quality that guarantees you high performance tiles for the Hangars.

We use a raw material of the highest quality: a 100% virgin polypropylene. Our tiles are from the original patent. Our reinforced antibreakage fixing system is very resistant and durable.

We use the only injection method that allows the homogeneous distribution of the material in the tile: the injection points are located on the top. Thus, polypropylene is distributed ideally, where the tile suffers the most stress.

The SWISSTRAX Europe team supports you throughout your project. We know that our customers are intransigent about quality, so we bring all our expertise to provide you with high quality products and services.

For your hangar we take care of the calculation of tiles, the wedging and we assist you in case of need for the design and the choice of tiles.

You can contact us now for your hangar project:

How to order you garage floor tiles?

The answer is very simple: just tell us the dimensions of your garage or the surface to cover (in m2), and we will provide you with the number of tiles needed. If so, please also let us know if there is more than one access door to your garage.

You can choose the colors of the tiles to your liking: the rates are the same regardless of the color. It is possible to ask our Swisstrax Europe team a plan simulating the dimensions of your garage. This will help you make your color selection easier! This simulation is very convenient, fellow it when you receive your tiles ! All are available in stock in our headquarter in France and the shipping to European countries are fast.