Pool and SPA floor tiles

Looking for a colorful alternative to your pool beach? Do you have any irregularities on your concrete slab that need to be corrected? Do you want a quick, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that will last for a long time? With the SWISSTRAX swimming pool and SPA floor tiles, quickly adjust your outdoor space for a perfect look in just a few hours!

When it comes to designing your pool area, we understand that your wish is to have a space that is both functional and elegant. One of the most important elements of any pool is the terrace. This is where you will spend most of your time enjoying the waterfront, so it must be beautiful and comfortable under your feet.

It must also be non-slip to maximize safety around areas where water splashes may occur. Moisture also means that the ground must breathe and ventilate to avoid mould.

Exposure to outdoor conditions also plays a role in choosing the floor for a pool beach or SPA. Temperatures, that vary according to the seasons, or UVs, are parameters not to be neglected.


your floor

Tiles colour, style mix’n’match, borders… design all your needs for your garage.

The SWISSTRAX pool and spa floors are ideal for your outdoor space.

Modular tiles are a cost-effective and quick-to-install solution for pool deck projects or as a floor for a SPA.

The tiles are installed in just a few hours without specific tools, without glue, without patching. They are simply clipped with hand pressure and are very easy to cut if necessary.

Not only are they easy to install yourself, but they are also available in a variety of colors to suit all style preferences. These colors are made in France, which allows us to have a stable shade, identical for each slab.

Swisstrax floor slabs are PN 24 for non-slip protection, which secures your pool area, even in case of water splashing.

They are anti-UV treated to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Another advantage of our modular tiles is their versatility. They can be used not only for pool terraces and spas, but also for patios, walkways and even indoor pool spaces.

The SWISSTRAX tiles can be easily dismantled to follow you if you move: remove the tiles and take them with you, you can use them outdoors for your new terrace or indoors for a garage for example.

Whether you are building a new pool or renovating an existing pool, SWISSTRAX modular tiles offer an attractive and practical solution for your pool beach or SPA design needs.


To order your Pool and SPA tiles, several solutions are possible:

  1. You have your measurements, you know the colors you will need, the project is already well defined? You want to start as soon as possible to install your floor tiles? Order directly on our online shop: type of tiles, colors, quantities… our stock is permanent and we quickly ship your order! You will also have the possibility to order kits for 4 or 6 places SPA directly.
  2. You have made progress in your project but you still have doubts about the colors or the pattern? Our floor simulator is for you! Configure the size of your terrace, the desired colors, the pattern… In short let your imagination run wild! You will get a summary of the number of tiles needed for your project. You can add borders if necessary.
  3. You have an idea of the project but prefer to be accompanied in the realization of it, our flooring specialists are at your disposal. Entrust us with your project: we take care of the calculations and the wedging so that you are reassured throughout the project!


Choosing SWISSTRAX means choosing a recognised brand in more than 50 countries, partner of the biggest brands. Swisstrax has 20 years of experience, and a team that listens to all your projects.

We manufacture our products in France, in an ISO 9001 certified factory located in Hauts-de-France. Our tiles come from the original patent and are manufactured with the best raw material on the market.

Our slabs are designed to last. Indeed, the registered model (of Swiss origin) implies a reinforced manufacturing: reinforcement in X on the slab that guarantees its solidity and injection by the front, only method to guarantee a perfect homogeneity of the product and absolute resistance.

Our stock is permanent and we ship orders quickly. So, you quickly receive and install your pool floor tiles project.

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