Workshop Flooring

Workshop flooring : opt for simplicity WORKSHOP FLOORING

Does your workshop need a floor that is as solid as it is durable? The workshop flooring tiles are made for you. Capable of withstanding 25 T per m2, manufactured to guarantee a constant solidity (thanks to our – point injection for each tile), the workshop floor tiles will be the indispensable partners of your mechanical work. Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean, highly resistant, these tiles meet all your needs. A real design workshop, define zones thanks to our 21 color range available.

your floor

Tiles colour, style mix’n’match, borders… design all your needs for your garage.

Easy-to-assemble your workshop flooring

The installation of these tiles for car workshop has never been easier. Say goodbye to chemical glues and tools of all kinds: the tiles are clipped together on the floor with the help of a bit of hand pressure. Whatever the size of your mechanical workshop, you can install them in just a few hours with a small team (or all alone). Your new shop floor is ready for immediate use and can accommodate cars, motorcycles or other vehicles. And as a bonus, you can disassemble it in a few hours too! For example it is very practical if you are a tenant, the day you move, you leave with your workshop flooring.

Workshop flooring : cleanliness in the line of sight

In addition to being easy to install, these car workshop tiles are also very easy to clean. No more headaches to wash your workshop after a day of work! The tiles have a drainage system that allows the cleaning water to drain out of the workshop. So just wash them with a jet of water or a pressure washer.

In addition, they are resistant to the most aggressive substances: hydrocarbons, engine oil, brake fluid or battery acid. The most noticeable marks can be erased with a mixture of water and traditional industrial degreaser. In case of product leaks, you can place absorbent sheets under the tiles to ensure the cleanliness of your base floor.

And if you need to wash under these car floor tiles, the task is very easy: you can unclip the tiles one by one to clean precisely where it is needed! You can check our videos related to cleaning: Our vidéos

Workshop Floors

Open profile tiles or closed profile tiles

Choose your floor for your workshop according to your workshop activity. We offer 2 types of tiles for workshops:

The Ribtrax Tile:

A floor tile with a perforated structure that lets dust through and keep your floor clean. Draining tile and design! Ribtrax tiles available in 21 colors.

The Diamondtrax Tile :

A solid floor tile is the principle of tiling but without the inconvenience of installation and use. A tile with a thickness of 18mm! Diamondtrax tiles available in 8 colors.